International Round Table

The International Student Innovation Forum 2017 (ISIF’17), a major milestone of ISN2030, is an opportunity for participating students to meet, present their project outcomes, and explore regional development in their communities. Based on experience through ISN2030, with participating adults including teachers, policy makers, and experts, students explore “innovations in education” which enable students to obtain 21st skills at schools. A consolidated outcome will be announced as the “ISN2030 Declaration” and used as an input for OECD’s the Future of Education and Skills: Education 2030 project.

  • Date: August 2nd (evening time ) to August 4th
  • Venue: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC)
  • Participants: Students, teachers, researchers who are participated in Innovative Schools Network 2030, and concerned ministries, embassies, private companies and OECD etc. estimated totally 300-400 people


Students from 15 countries/regions, including Germany (Constance, Haar), Singapore, Turkey, USA, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, Estonia, Japan (Tohoku, Hiroshima, Fukui, Wakayama, Shimane, (Kosen National Institute of Technology), for a total of over 200 students from 50 schools are expected to participate in the forum. We also expect to welcome over 150 adults: teachers, researchers, policy makers, embassies, private companies and OECD etc.

Conceptual Figure


Organizar: Japan Innovative Schools Network supported by OECD (Office: Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo)

Co-Organized by: National Institution For Youth Education


Official Cooperation:

  • MEXT(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  • Fukushima University

Official Support:

  • MOFA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
  • Cabinet office government of japan
  • Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Embassy of the Republic of Estonia

Partner Corporation