Innovative Schools Network (ISN) supported by OECD research project Job Vacancy Announcement

Innovative Schools Network (ISN) supported by OECD research project

Job Vacancy Announcement

Project Assistant Professor at Graduate School of Education,

Division of Professional Development of Teachers, AKITA research office


February 14th, 2018

1 Job Title and Main Responsibilities

Job Title: Project Assistant Professor, Part-time contract employee with a fixed term appointment, 1 person

 Main ResponsibilitiesPlanning and management work for a globally collaborative PBL(project based learning) project in a secondary education, which is operationalized by ISN. This work includes meetings and coordination works with participating schools,  teams, researchers as well as assisting a development of digital tools.


2 Work Place

The University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus, (7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)

Graduate School of Education, Kiyomi AKITA research office


3 Planned Assignment Duration

From April 2018 or later to March 31, 2019

*A probation period is set for the first 14 days from the start of the contract.

*An annual contract renewal may be possible upon performance.


4 Required Profile

An advanced university degree such as completing a master’s degree, obtaining Ph.D. or being a Ph.D. candidate, with a focus on school education or education engineering, is required. Communication skills in English and Japanese are necessary.

A person who is interested in research focusing on an inquiry education (such as project-based learning, active learning etc) in secondary education organized by ISN, and also has IT skills such as website management and education engineering experience for developing digital tools for education, is preferable.


5 Work Conditions and Work Hours

The work conditions are based on the rule of the University of Tokyo.

The basic work hours are 3 days a week, and 7 hours a day, i.e. 21 hours a week.

The work starting time and the ending time, also the days for the work, are decided by the project status and also a discussion based on the convenience of the applicant person. Please note that the work hour may be adjusted by business trips, attending meetings on the weekends and/or web-meetings at night time etc.


6 Salary and other conditions

2,010 JPY/hour – 2,970(plan) JPY/hour 

※ This is decided based on a profile and experience.

Oher allowances: Commuting expenses will be calculated and provided based on the rule of the University of Tokyo in case the conditions stipulated in the rule are met.


7 Social Insurance

The employee’s health insurance, the employee’s welfare pension insurance, and employment insurance are subscribed based on the law of Japan.


8 Selection Process

We will contact the shortlisted applicants for an interview.


9 Application Closing Date

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 (the application forms should be arrived by the end of the day)


10  Application Submission

Please send the following 3 documents by a postal mail. We only accept a postal mail. On the envelope, please write 「教育学研究科秋田喜代美研究室 ISN特任助教 応募書類在中」with a red ink.

  1. Your CV (Based on the form set by the University of Tokyo. Please download the file from the following; )
  2. Work experience/achievements (free format)
  3. A cover letter describing your motivation and aspiration for the job (A4, 1 page)


11 Address to be sent

Professor Kiyomi Akita

Division of Professional Development of Teachers, Graduate School of Education, the University of Tokyo

7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, 113-0033 Tokyo, Japan


12 Contact

Should you have any questions about this inquiry, please contact ISN secretary office by email; 

*Your application forms are used only for the selection purposes, and your personal information will not be disclosed, transferred, or provided to any third parties. We will not return your application forms and surely dispose them under our responsibilities.